Pierce County READS 2018

The biggest reading event in the state

March by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell

Meet co-author Andrew Aydin and illustrator Nate Powell

Congressman John Lewis may appear with a special video message.

Friday, May 11, 7 p.m
Pacific Lutheran University
Olson Auditorium, 124th St. S.,
Tacoma, WA

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RACISM noun rac·ism 1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race CIVIL RIGHTS plural noun 1: the nonpolitical rights of a citizen; especially, the rights of personal liberty guaranteed to U.S. citizens by the 13th and 14th amendments to the Constitution and by acts of Congress EQUALITY noun equal·i·ty 1: the quality or state of being equal DIVERSITY noun di·ver·si·ty 1: the condition of having or being composed of differing elements: variety; especially: the inclusion of different types of people (such as people of different races or cultures) MARCH verb 1: to move along steadily usually with a rhythmic stride and in step with others a: to move in a direct purposeful manner SEGREGATION noun seg·re·ga·tion 1: the separation or isolation of a race, class, or ethnic group by enforced or voluntary residence in a restricted area, by barriers to social intercourse, by separate educational facilities, or by other discriminatory means VOTE verb 1: to express one’s views in response to a poll; especially, to exercise a political franchise

Nate Powell, John Lewis and Andrew Aydin

“March” by Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and illustrator Nate Powell

Award-winning, #1 New York Times best-selling graphic novel trilogy “March” brings the memories of the Civil Rights Movement to life. Co-author Congressman John Lewis (Georgia), a key figure of the Civil Rights Movement, shares his remarkable story with co-author Andrew Aydin and illustrator Nate Powell to educate and inspire a new generation.

For 11 years, Pierce County READS has encouraged residents to read copies of the same book at the same time and engage together in a countywide conversation that celebrates and explores the power and importance of books.