Chicken Gun Quiz

How do you measure up to your average grunt? Take our quiz, pulled from Mary Roach’s book, to find out.

1. A chicken gun is:
2. Flame Resistant Army Combat Uniform, or FRACU, is made from a textile called Defender M, which balloons away from the body as it burns. Its drawback is:
3. A zipper is a problem for a sniper because:
4. The main function of Blast Boxers, underwear made from a khaki-weight Kevlar, is to:
5. The Army is working on a version of automotive crash test dummies, called a Warrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan). It is specifically developed for testing:
6. S liquid is a mixture intended to smell like:
7. If things “go kinetic” it means someone is firing guns at you.
8. Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS), used mainly by Special Operations forces, are for Communicating in the chaos of combat by:
9. The best way to get over diarrhea is:
10. If you are adrift in the ocean, the best way to avoid sharks is:
11. Which of these statements is true?
12. The typical combat load for a soldier in Afghanistan is:

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